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Happy The Hoglet: Cart

I worked in Paper Owl Films' 2D animation TV series 'Happy The Hoglet', distributed by Aardman, and released in the UK and Ireland (Nov 2022). Starting as a Junior prop and Environment Designer.
I had the privilege to work with some really amazing and passionate people at Paper Owl Films. It was a great project to work on and I learned a lot in the process!

Here is a Cart design I did for the show. I had to do a lot of designs for this prop. It had to be kept simple for animation while staying true to the style of the show. these pages show the early design phase where i worked out how it all was put together I wanted it to look organic as if it had been put together by little animals. I had to do a lot of different views because it was going to be seen from many angles.
It was a lot of fun, Happy Days!!